St Mary By The Sea

Intergenerational ministry

At our main 10am service we are exploring what it means to be an intergenerational church. Our goal is to share our faith across the generations; to learn from and inspire each other to be resilient and faithfull

Worship Services

We meet together regulary in-person & online...
Prayer Scripture Community
  • 8am Holy Communion @ St Mary by the Sea
    10am Intergenerational service @ St Mary by the Sea
    10am on Youtube

  • 10am Informal Communion @ St Mary by the Sea
    12noon Zoom Bible study here ID:919-265-616

  • Want to keep in the loop, send a email to
    Newsletter archive is here

Staying Safe in Orange

We continue our online service at 10am in parallel for the forseeable future. Please do not attend on-site worship if you are supposed to be isolating following a positive test result for yourself or a household contact, or if anyone in your home is experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, or you are awaiting a Covid-19 test result; please instead join our online service.

My Vaccine Pass is not required for any purpose on-site, to either visit or volunteer, this includes St Mary by the Sea, the Hall, and the Community Shop.

We have a QR code for you to scan in if you wish. We continue to operate safely in ORANGE onsite, this means:

- We encourage you to wear a mask

- Doors open for ventilation – so wear a jumper or bring a jacket

- The peace in sign language - with the option of physical sign of peace if the person you are exchanging the peace with is comfortable with that.

In ORANGE being physically distanced is not necessary and morning tea is self-served. Communion is served from the altar rail.

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