February 17, 2018

Worship services

Covid-19 Services


During the Covid-19 LockDown our services are being streamed on YouTube. Our channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrVV6T5Q8KpEhj3IUQIT0gQ

See you Sunday at 10am for our service. The service begins at 10:02am, join us at 10am for a 2 minute countdown. We catch up for a chit-chat after the service on Zoom, here ID:919-265-616. The zoom link is also in the YouTube stream description.

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10am Zoom Bible study here ID:919-265-616

Want to keep in the loop, send a email to newsletter@stmary.co.nz

Below is our schedule of services when we are not in Covid-19 lockdown


8:00am Holy Communion – using the New Zealand Prayer Book.
10:00am Intergenerational service – concluding with Communion.


10:00am Informal Communion.

January services

There are no Wednesday services in January. Instead during this quite time of the year, we have one Sundays service at 9:00am after Christmas until the end of January.


We are at 168 Deep Creek Road, Torbay. Ph 09 473 8180

Home and resthome communion

In addition to giving Holy Communion at its regular services, every month the church takes Holy Communion homes and resthomes. This is a vital part of extending the love of Christ to the Christian community when people cannot travel due to illness or frailty to one of our central services. Please be in contact, if you wish us to bring communion to you.