May 13, 2022

Direction Setting

Healthy Church infographic - all information in text below

We are setting our direction at St Mary by the Sea.

Our leadership team is called vestry, and they, along with other leaders within St Mary are embarking on setting a direction for us for the next 5 years.

To do this well we need to know where we are and what we think our strengths are. So we would like feedback from you. Please take the opportunity to contribute into our direction setting by completing the survey here: 

Please make the most of the opportunity to give us feedback to help us set direction. More information is below.

Healthy Church Model

Setting Direction at St Mary by the Sea

Glorifying God, the Holy Trinity

Our goal is to Glorify God, the Holy Trinity.

To do this we recognise that there are four key aspects to our life here at St Mary by the Sea.

  1. Knowing God
  2. Shaping Community
  3. Growing in Christ
  4. Living Beyond Ourselves

In each area we recognise the following as important.

Knowing God

Inspiring Worship

Authentic, prayerful worship and joyous music that engages hearts and minds in glorifying God, which appeals to various generations and is relevant to the cultures/contexts in which we live. Well delivered, thoughtful and sound sermons, which apply God’s word in practical ways, promoting growth in faith and inspiring people to Christian action.

Vibrant Faith and Prayerful Life

Actively seeking the Holy Spirit’s direction and empowerment for daily life and ministry. Faith is lived out with commitment and answered prayer is celebrated. Enthusiasm about how God is working in the faith community. Active promotion and practice of prayer and bible study.

Shaping Community

Authentic Loving Community

United and joyous relationships with members and non-members, showing genuine acts of kindness, caring, support and sharing. Intentional about relationship formation. Efforts to build loving, caring relationships between members, creating a strong sense of community within the Ministry Unit (MU). Invites, and displays hospitality toward the inclusion of newcomers, children and youth, as well as members into active participation in congregational life.

Stewardship & Governance

Teaches biblical stewardship and provides opportunities for generosity. Church operates the annual budget with financial integrity and accountability. Provides effective communication regarding decisions and activities.

Growing in Christ

Maturing Discipleship

Takes seriously the formation of disciples, nurturing spiritual maturity through relevant Christian education and encouraging all to grow in their walk with God and share their faith.

Gift Oriented Ministry

Challenges and equips members to discover, develop, and use their gifts for fruitful ministry. Identifies, trains, and empowers members for ministry.

Empowering Leadership

Led by leadership who demonstrates the calling, character, and competence to help the Ministry Unit achieve its God-given purpose and shared vision. Clergy are committed to developing and empowering lay leaders and identifying and training next generation leaders. Leadership builds optimism and hope even in challenging times and is open to innovative solutions.

Living Beyond Ourselves

Relevant Outreach

Engaged in the community, making positive changes. Focus on significant ministry reaching out to the community and beyond. Actively expresses the love of Christ through generosity and service to those in need. Outreach is culturally responsive and relevant to community needs and responds in tangible ways to global humanitarian needs.

Proclaiming the Gospel

Committed to proclaiming the Good News of Christ through word and action. Members bear witness to their faith.

Healthy Church Launch

The Venerable Jonathan Gale from the Bishop’s Episcopal team launched the Healthy Church process for us. See his talk here: