February 17, 2018

Leadership and operation

Church Wardens

The church’s leadership is headed by Church Wardens. One warden is elected by the congregation. Another warden is appointed by the vicar. The wardens in partnership with the vicar ensure that the church’s ministry continues.


Every year, the congregation elects approximately 12 of its members to serve on a body known as Vestry. The function of Vestry is to oversee all aspects of the running of the church, including things such as financial management, building maintenance, the organization of social functions and the support and development of the congregation’s spiritual growth.


The day-to-day administration of the church is managed by our church administrator.

Lay People

We have a team of lay folk involved in the day-to-day running of the parish, from cleaning the church to leading worship to caring for people in the parish.


The church’s work is funded from regular giving by parishioners, and we encourage parishioners to be involved in a planned giving programme. We accept donations gratefully, and a bequest will help ensure that the church is able to continue its work.