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I hope Covid level 3 is going well for you. We don't know what is going to happen towards the end of the week and what level we will be in by Sunday. So this week, we will only be meeting online, whether a gathering is possible or not. So please join us online at 10am and on Zoom afterwards for morning tea and a catch up. The links are below (and are the same each week)

In this weeks bible readings we are at the temple with Jesus. This is one of the first stories in John's Gospel and it sets the scene and tone for the rest of Jesus' encounters with the establishment. In this story Jesus turns over the tables of our expectations, as he flips the tables of commerce. We reflect on what has flipped in our lives and what still has to flip.

May lent be a time of re-discovery for you.


Again & Again

God shows us the way

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 | John 2:13-22
According to John, Jesus begins his ministry by showing more than telling. In the temple, Jesus disrupts and overturns the systems of corruption and profiteering taking place, but ultimately points us to the promise of restoration. Paul reminds
the Corinthians (and us) that God’s wisdom is more expansive than we can imagine. We are shown the way, even if God’s way feels foolish, counter-cultural, disruptive, or uncomfortable.
- A Sanctified Art

Lent Prayer Wall

Outside Art

During lent we prepare to journey towards the cross and resurrection again. Our theme this year is "Again & Again." We look at how we can faithfully journey with Jesus to the cross. When we get to level 1, we can start to decorate our art display on the front lawn by the sharing shed. The plan is to this over lent. Each week it will change as we add prayers, and on Easter day we will transform it. Here you will see an ampersand that is added to each week as we weave our prayers into it.

    Online YouTube Worship

    Sunday 10am, here: or click the button below

    Daily Lent Engagement

    We have a daily reflection available.

    Would you like something in depth? Then pick up the Lent Devotion Booklet from the Welcome Desk.

    Would you like something brief? Pick up a series of 47 Devotion Cards.

    Would you prefer a digital offering? Then click the link below to go to our Website and sign up for a daily reflection on:
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    Our reflection will also be on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so follow us on one of these for a daily reflection.

    Lent Study Groups

    Visio Divina

    During Lent there will be an opportunity to delve into the scriptures deeper through a process called Visio Divina. During Covid 19 Level 3, there is one group are Wednesday 10:30am on zoom.

    Visio Divina, latin for “divine seeing,” is a method of meditation, reflection, and prayer through a process of intentional seeing. Visio Divina extends the 6th century Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina by the use of visual imagery. Traditionally, Visio Divina was accompanied by Benedictine iconography and illuminations, however, different faith traditions have adapted the process over time, utilizing both secular and nonsecular images. Use this lesson plan to blend visual meditation with group discussion and bible study.

    Are you Interested in being Baptised?

    One of our traditions is that we hold a baptism service on Easter Sunday, as the sun comes up. If you would like to be baptised or learn more please contact Dion on 0211378624 or email at If you have already been baptised but would like to make further public commitment in your faith then have a chat with Dion about Confirmation or Reaffirmation of your Faith.

    Intergenerational Study Group


    Mainly Music


    Mainly Music - Able bodied helpers required

    Mainly Music is back for 2021. It runs school term time only on Fridays starting at 9:30am. We need volunteers to move all the chairs to the side of the church so we have an activity space for the families. If you are able to help move chairs on a Thursday, to set up, or on a Friday at about 10:30am, after the session, please call Meg Norton 473 8444.

    Community Garden

    Are you interested in being part of the St Mary by the Sea community garden? For more information, see the information on the Welcome Desk, or talk to Clayton Christie at the 8am service, or Nannette Randall at the 10am service. There is an expression of interest form here, and a brochure here. and on our website here:
    bi-cultural ed

    Taha Māori - an online bicultural programme

    Nau mai haere mai koutou ki Taha Māori. Welcome to Taha Māori!

    The Auckland Anglican Dioceses are delighted to introduce this new online programme that will build your confidence in te reo Māori and your knowledge of our Church's bicultural journey in Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Taha Māori is a series of weekly discussions via Zoom that will explore the rich heritage of Te Hāhi Mihinare - The Māori Anglican Church - in this country and how we can strengthen the partnership between Tikanga Pākehā and Tikanga Māori.

    The A New Zealand Prayer Book/ He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa will be used as the primary resource to upskill participants in the confident use of te reo liturgies, hīmene (hymns) and pronunciation.

    Discussions will also be based on RNZ’s documentary series Land of the Long White Cloud which tells the stories of white New Zealanders who are confronting Aotearoa’s colonial past and present.

    The programme is open to all and we hope you will find it a safe and comfortable environment where questions and explanations can be both fun and serious at the same time! Sessions will be recorded for review afterwards on the diocesan YouTube channel.
    Taha Maōri will run from 10.00am -11.00am on Thursdays 11 March to 29 April (with a break in Holy Week).
    Click below to register and receive the Zoom link.
    For more information, please contact Megan Means at

    Resourcing Monday's Ministries

    April 9th - 11th April - Vaughn Park

    A weekend retreat at Vaughan Park for lay people of all churches to helping us become more intentional, resourced and effective disciples. Hosted by Bishop Bruce April 9th -11th. Friday 6pm - Sunday 1pm

    Bishop Bruce has a life-long interest and involvement in “Living by Faith on Monday”. He has a background in science and theology, and worked in parishes, education and industry as a priest, and as Anglican Bishop of Auckland 1985 – 1994.
    • The various contexts of our lives Monday to Saturday, in which we aim to be effective disciples of Jesus our Lord and brother
    • Focussing in whom and on what our lives are anchored
    • Locating resources for our task – so we are better equipped
    • Clues and hints on fruitfully engaging the various contexts we move in, especially the workplace
    • Consideration of case studies, and preparation for Sunday worship.
    • Commissioning and planning re-entry aims, and a review of the weekend.
    Each person will receive a work book, and the weekend will be punctuated with spaces, dialogue and prayer. More info: and 078648727.

    Cost: $310 (includes catering, two nights stay, seminar and work book).

    Registration through Vaughan Park

    Sunday 7th March

    Theme: God shows us the way.

    1 Corinthians 1:18-25
    John 2:13-22


    God of Moses, you guide us with your law, you welcome our worship on the mountain and in the temple; we worship you. Draw us deeper into you that we will reflect your love and faithfulness and serve you with holiness. Through Jesus Christ our Liberator, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen

    Community Shop

    Closed during Covid Level 3.


    This week we wish Happy Birthday to Robin Clerk and Debbie Rhodes for the 3rd March and to Keith Hay for the 6th March. Next Sunday Margaret Rocard and Trevor McCracken celebrate thier birthdays.

    If there is a celebration you would like added to our list or a one off event that you would like celebrated please let the office know. Email

    Using the Church EFTPOS Machine.

    Donations made in church via the EFTPOS machine have increased and this has been a great help to our banking. The EFTPOS machine can be used for a variety of payment needs. If you are unsure how to work the EFTPOS please do not hesitate to ask for help.

    The EFTPOS machine prints 2 receipts, the first is your copy, the second is printed by selecting MERCHANTS COPY on the screen. This second copy should always be left on the appropriate clip on the notice board. With out the second receipt it is not possible to know what the money was intended for.

    For Church Giving, you can either keep the first receipt or place it in the DONATION BASKET to go up to the altar for the blessing.

    Please write your giving number or full name on the second receipt if you want the donation added to your tax receipt.

    World Day of Prayer 5th March


    Commonwealth Day Service. 7th March


    Children's Day 7th March.

    This Sunday is Children's Day, for more information check out Sadly a lot of the activities and events will have been canceled. However there are lots of great idea for how to celebrate this day at home. If you have children or grandchildren at home after a week of lockdown new ideas are welcome. Alternatively you might want to think about trying some of these these ideas ideas from Angela.

    Here are a few ideas to celebrate children in your household this Children’s Day at home.Make a card or write a note to the children in your life telling them how special they are and how much you love them.Go on a nature treasure hunt – explore your garden or go on a walk and find some natural treasures like leaves, flowers, sticks, seed pods. Bring them home and create a collage with paper and glue or cellotape or arrange them on the ground and use your phone to take pictures and have fun editing them.Tell some stories about when you were a child, or organise a call with an older relative or friend. Answer questions like, how did you get to school, what was your favourite food, did you ever get into trouble at school? Have a special meal – set the table, light some candles and do place cards for everyone who will be sitting down. Even if it is just spaghetti on toast, making it look festive feels like a celebration. When you give thanks for your meal, give thanks for the children in your life and ask God to be with them.When the kids go to bed at night pray with them asking God to bless them, for example “May God be with you this night and the day to come, giving you courage and strength

    Neighbours Day 20th March.

    Bring your family along to a Neighbour's Day Aotearoa event at Takapuna Methodist 38 Hurstmere Rd Takapuna. 11am-2pm.

    Poster Hurstmere Road final

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