Lent day 14


Theme: Live


John 4:43-54

Jesus had said, “Prophets are honored everywhere, except in their own country.” Then two days later he left and went to Galilee. The people there welcomed him, because they had gone to the festival in Jerusalem and had seen everything he had done.
While Jesus was in Galilee, he returned to the village of Cana, where he had turned the water into wine. There was an official in Capernaum whose son was sick. And when the man heard that Jesus had come from Judea, he went and begged him to keep his son from dying.
Jesus told the official, “You won’t have faith unless you see miracles and wonders!”
The man replied, “Lord, please come before my son dies!”
Jesus then said, “Your son will live. Go on home to him.” The man believed Jesus and started back home.
Some of the official’s servants met him along the road and told him, “Your son is better!” He asked them when the boy got better, and they answered, “The fever left him yesterday at one o’clock.”
The boy’s father realized that at one o’clock the day before, Jesus had told him, “Your son will live!” So the man and everyone in his family put their faith in Jesus.
This was the second miracle that Jesus worked after he left Judea and went to Galilee.

Reflection prompts

  • When do you feel most alive?
  • What does it feel like?
  • When are you the furthest from feeling alive?
  • What can you change?


Jesus of Nazareth, over and over and over again, you choose life. You heal us
with your hands and your words, saying, “Go, you shall live.” So now that I
have this wild and wonderful life, help me to use it to the best of my ability. I
see now—this is a gift. Amen. —Prayer by Rev. Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC |

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