Lent day 8


Theme: Healing


Psalm 147:1-11

Shout praises to the Lord!
Our God is kind,
and it is right and good
to sing praises to him.
The Lord rebuilds Jerusalem
and brings the people of Israel
back home again.
He renews our hopes
and heals our bodies.
He decided how many stars
there would be in the sky
and gave each one a name.
Our Lord is great and powerful!
He understands everything.
The Lord helps the poor,
but he smears the wicked
in the dirt.
Celebrate and sing!
Play your harps
for the Lord our God.
He fills the sky with clouds
and sends rain to the earth,
so that the hills
will be green with grass.
He provides food for cattle
and for the young ravens,
when they cry out.
The Lord doesn’t care about
the strength of horses
or powerful armies.
The Lord is pleased only
with those who worship him
and trust his love.


“In this image, God’s hands hold various animals and plant life, and are surrounded by the bands of the rainbow, shielding Creation from the swirling waters of chaotic destruction. I chose not to image humanity because the hands are at once God’s and ours. We must respond to God’s covenant by protecting and keeping the earth. It is our responsibility; it is our calling. God meets us where we are—utterly dependent and bound toward self-destruction—with a promise sealed with a bow bursting with the endless spectrum of colors light holds.”
— from the artist statement for “In Our Hands” by Lauren Wright Pittman | @sanctifiedart

Reflection prompts

  • What corners of your heart need healing?
  • What pains you?


God of the stars in the sky, I cling to the fact that you are a healing God. You are
a God who longs for our wholeness. So just as you are with the stars and the
sky and all creation, be close to me today. Heal the fragile parts of me, and
help me see the next right step. Gratefully I pray. Amen. —Prayer by Rev. Sarah
Are | A Sanctified Art LLC |

Lent Study Groups

Visio Divina

During Lent there will be an opportunity to delve into the scriptures deeper through a process called Visio Divina. Study groups are online Wednesday 12:30pm. Studies begin Wednesday 24th February.

Visio Divina, latin for “divine seeing,” is a method of meditation, reflection, and prayer through a process of intentional seeing. Visio Divina extends the 6th century Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina by the use of visual imagery. Traditionally, Visio Divina was accompanied by Benedictine iconography and illuminations, however, different faith traditions have adapted the process over time, utilizing both secular and nonsecular images.

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