Lent day 13


Theme: See


Jeremiah 1:11-19

The Lord showed me something in a vision. Then he asked, “What do you see, Jeremiah?”
I answered, “A branch of almonds that ripen early.”
“That’s right,” the Lord replied, “and I always rise early to keep a promise.”
Then the Lord showed me something else and asked, “What do you see now?”
I answered, “I see a pot of boiling water in the north, and it’s about to spill out toward us.”
The Lord said:
I will pour out destruction
all over the land.
Just watch while I send
for the kings of the north.
They will attack and capture
Jerusalem and other towns,
then set up their thrones
at the gates of Jerusalem.
I will punish my people,
because they are guilty
of turning from me
to worship idols.
Jeremiah, get ready!
Go and tell the people
what I command you to say.
Don’t be frightened by them,
or I will make you terrified
while they watch.
My power will make you strong
like a fortress
or a column of iron
or a wall of bronze.
You will oppose all of Judah,
including its kings and leaders,
its priests and people.
They will fight back,
but they won’t win.
I, the Lord, give my word—
I won’t let them harm you

Reflection prompts

  • If God were to ask you, “What do you see?” What would you say?
  • How would your answer impact your actions?


God of visions, you ask me, “What do you see?” And in this moment, I’m not sure how close I’ve been looking. There is so much suffering in the world. It’s
easy to turn away. It’s tempting to curate our lives to see what we want to see.
Open my eyes to truthfully and honestly see what you see. Amen. —Prayer by
Rev. Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC |

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