Lent day 5


Theme: Selah


Psalm 84

Lord God All-Powerful,
your temple is so lovely!
Deep in my heart I long
for your temple,
and with all that I am
I sing joyful songs to you.
Lord God All-Powerful,
my King and my God,
sparrows find a home
near your altars;
swallows build nests there
to raise their young.
You bless everyone
who lives in your house,
and they sing your praises.
You bless all who depend
on you for their strength
and all who deeply desire
to visit your temple.
When they reach Dry Valley,
springs start flowing,
and the autumn rain fills it
with pools of water.
Your people grow stronger,
and you, the God of gods,
will be seen in Zion.
Lord God All-Powerful,
the God of Jacob,
please answer my prayer!
You are the shield
that protects your people,
and I am your chosen one.
Won’t you smile on me?
One day in your temple
is better
than a thousand
anywhere else.
I would rather serve
in your house,
than live in the homes
of the wicked.
Our Lord and our God,
you are like the sun
and also like a shield.
You treat us with kindness
and with honor,
never denying any good thing
to those who live right.
Lord God All-Powerful,
you bless everyone
who trusts you.


“Gracious God, you see me when I am down, and you invite me to tell you about it. You ask me, ‘What is your name?’ And in that moment, I can respond with the lies that cover me, or I can respond, ‘I am a child of God.’ No matter what I say, I know that you love me. What a gift to be seen and called by name. Amen.”
—Prayer by Rev. Sarah Are | @sanctifiedart

Reflection prompts

The word “selah” is used 74 times in scripture. The meaning is unclear, but many believe it indicates a pause.
  • Where or how do you need to pause in your life?


Holy God, some truths are so good that we need a moment to let them sink in,
otherwise they risk running off of us like water. So today we slow down. We
whisper, “selah.” We pause, and we remember—one day in your courts is
better than a thousand elsewhere. Amen. —Prayer by Rev. Sarah Are | A
Sanctified Art LLC |

Lent Study Groups

Visio Divina

During Lent there will be an opportunity to delve into the scriptures deeper through a process called Visio Divina. Study groups are online Wednesday 12:30pm. Studies begin Wednesday 24th February.

Visio Divina, latin for “divine seeing,” is a method of meditation, reflection, and prayer through a process of intentional seeing. Visio Divina extends the 6th century Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina by the use of visual imagery. Traditionally, Visio Divina was accompanied by Benedictine iconography and illuminations, however, different faith traditions have adapted the process over time, utilizing both secular and nonsecular images.

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