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Welcome to St Mary by the Sea news for this week. As we are at Alert Level 2.5, there are no in-person services this Sunday, so see you online.

We in the Season of Creation! We are having a bit of fun experimenting with a green screen so we can bring a bit of creation into our online worship. To prepare for our worship this week you might want to spend a bit of time bringing creation in.

A few ideas:- Pot plants or plants from your garden
- A photo or picture of nature
- A candle
- Print out the 3D pictures of birds at this link: and make them up (I used the Kereru and Tui)

Share a picture of your worship space in the Facebook post comments and we’ll look forward to ‘seeing’ you on Sunday. Let your creative juices flow!

This week our focus is Land. There is so much to this gentle crust that we live on, and this week we remember how it provides us life, as we care for the land. We look forward to joining in worship with you, Sunday 10am on YouTube.

Angela & Dion
Whilst we remain at level 2.5 the gathering size restrictions make In-Person worship not possible but we look forward to seeing you online for worship and a morning tea catch up after service.

In-person worship - St Mary by the Sea

There is no in-person worship Sunday 20th September.

Online YouTube Worship

Sunday 10am, here: or click the button below

After Service Morning Tea and Chit-Chat

See you after our 10am YouTube service for a chit-chat on zoom - Meeting ID: 919-265-616

Sunday 20th September

Season of Creation 2 - Land Sunday

THEME: ‘Earth bears the curse for us’
Because of the sin of our primal parents, God pronounced some curses. The ground of Earth bears the curse for humans, and from the ground Abel’s blood cries to God. At their death, Earth welcomes humans home again.
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:14–19; 4:8–16


Jesus replied: the Son of Man will be deep in the earth for three days and nights. Matthew 12:39a, 40b


God, our Creator, we celebrate your vibrant presence among us and our kin in creation, especially in the soil, the fields and the land. Help us to empathise with your creatures who are suffering. Lift our spirits to rejoice with the land, the flowers of the field and all the creatures of the countryside. In the name of Christ, who reconciles and renews all things in creation. Amen.

Sunday 27th September

Season of Creation 3- Wilderness

Mark 1:9–13 “Jesus in the wild of the wilderness”

Community Shop donates to local schools.

The Community Shop, sent vouchers to all the schools in the local area to be used to assist students who come without lunches etc. These have been gratefully received by the school and will be put to good use.

They also have a number of $50 vouchers for New World and Countdown available for anyone in the community in need. If any parishioner is in need or knows of anyone in the community in need or who a voucher may assist would they please contact Susan Haslam, Jenny Cheer or Auriel Andrews. All requests will be dealt with COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIALLY. Many thanks Susan

Auckland Alert Levels

Whilst we spend another Sunday in Level 2.5 the government has announced plans to review these arrangements on Monday the 21st September. There is agreement in principle to move Auckland to level 2 at 11.59pm on the 23rd September barring any negative developments in relation to community transmission occurring in the interim.

At level 2 it will be possible to worship in person (in groups up to 100) but socially distancing of 1 meter MUST be observed.

The church building is open by appointment, please contact Dion or Debbie in the office to arrange. The church hall is open for hire only when specific arrangements have been made to ensure that group size and Health and Safety can be managed. The Community Shop opened Monday 31st August with the government new Health and Safety requirements in place.

This means that there will be:
  • Wednesday 10am Bible Study on Zoom (link below)
  • Sunday 10am worship on YouTube and Zoom morning tea afterwards (links above)
  • No Wednesday service in-person service on the 23rd September
  • No Mainly Music
Seasons for Growth Logo

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a grief and loss programme that aims to strengthen the wellbeing of children and young people who are dealing with significant life changes. Seasons programmes are facilitated by volunteer Companions. Companions are trained and accredited adult facilitators who accompany participants on their learning journey. It is an inspiring and encouraging journey to be a part of. Seasons are currently seeking volunteer Companions for North Shore school-based programmes. All training and support is provided. If you would like to join us as a volunteer Companion or for more information please contact: Cushla Pierce - Seasons North Shore Coordinator 02108892018
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Stroll for your Soul

St Mary by the Sea has paid for a group subscription to Stroll for Your Soul and we'd love you to join us. You can join now for FREE.
Stroll for Your Soul began on Saturday 5 September but you can join at any time during its run.
You'll receive daily emails until the 26th September with inspirational thoughts and reflections. Go out for a stroll and notice the signs of spring, sit by a window and look outdoors, wander around your home or garden, go for a drive ... there's no set rules to how you use Stroll.
To sign up to Stroll for Your Soul click on this link and follow these steps.
1. Fill in your name and email address
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On-line giving and Covid restrictions.

During this and the previous lock-down we had a number of people switch from giving via envelope or cash donation in church to using a form of on-line payment, (EFTPOS, Automatic Payments or Internet Transfer). Thank you for your ongoing support of this parish.

If you have made this change please, if possible, continue to make your giving electronically once we are able to get back to in-person worship. Electronic giving is useful as it eliminates the risks associated with handling cash or envelopes and enables donations to continue when we are not able to come in person into church.

If you would like information or assistance to change to electronic giving please get in touch with the office or Dion and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. All forms of giving can be attributed to your giving number. Our bank account details are below in the contact fields.

Thank you for your continued support of this parish.

Community Shop

Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 4pm. Go along and show your support.
Word for the Day and Our Daily Bread Sept- Nov in store.

Zoom Bible Study

See at 10am for our Zoom Bible study - Meeting ID: 919-265-616

Rest Home Services

are on hold due to Covid restrictions.


Happy Birthday

Happy 15th birthday to Daniel Blundell for today the 20th September AND Happy birthday to Angela Blundell for the 21st September. Many happy returns to you both.
If there is a celebration you would like added to our list or a one off event that you would like celebrated please let the office know. Email

Word for Today and Our Daily Bread

Available from the Community Shop. New copies are out. Due to the closed church building, copies of these have been made available to collect from the community shop, or access them online below.

The online versions are here:
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Our Daily Bread:

Faith 5

Faith 5 is 5 simple steps to help us nurture our faith. It is simple enough to be done multiple times a week.
1: SHARE your highs and lows
2: READ a Bible story
3: TALK about how the Bible reading might relate to your highs and lows
4: PRAY for one another’s highs and lows
5: BLESS one another
More info here:

Regular Information

Praying for Others

Please send names for the Sunday Prayer-List by Sunday evening to Tony Nettleton, 027 278 1450 or Names can be sent at other times as required.


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