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Today we welcome Revd Michael Smart who will preach and preside at both the 8am and 10am services.

In our reading from John 20:19-31 we are still on the day of resurrection. In this moment we link back into the moment of Creation. In Genesis we hear Creation "spoken into existence" and the breath of God, the Holy Spirit is breathed into Creation. Echoing this moment, Jesus breathes on his disciples, and he breathes an anointing of the Holy Spirit into them. At that moment the Church is birthed. Their next task isn't to build. Their next task is to wait. They are to wait for the Holy Spirit to come in power. They have just had the festival of Passover, they are now to wait for the next Jewish festival of Pentecost. With Pentecost the Holy Spirit comes in power and people hear the Gospel message in their heart language. And that moment began with today's moment, where Jesus breathes a new way into his disciples and Creation. Waiting reminds us that it is the power of God working through us, it is not our own power, but rather we work with God, in God's mission field, when God says the time is right. Waiting keeps us humble. I wonder what the Holy Spirit did in the disciples lives between resurrection day and Pentecost Day after Jesus breathed on them?

Journeying with you, Dion

Keeping you safe in Orange

We will continue to have our online service at 10am in parallel for the forseeable future.

Please do not attend on-site worship if you are supposed to be isolating following a positive test result for yourself or a household contact, or if anyone in your home is experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, or you are awaiting a Covid-19 test result; please instead join our online service.

With the changes the government have made to the law around the Covid-19 protection framework, it is no longer necessary for St Mary by the Sea to require a My Vaccine Pass for any purpose on-site, to either visit or volunteer, this includes St Mary by the Sea, the Hall, and the Community Shop.

We still have up one small QR code for you to scan in if you wish. And we will continue to operate safely in ORANGE onsite, this means:
  • We encourage you to wear a mask
  • Doors open for ventilation – so wear a jumper or bring a jacket
  • The peace in sign language - with the option of physical sign of peace if the person you are exchanging the peace with is comfortable with that.
With the shift from RED to ORANGE it is no longer necessary to be physically distanced,or for morning tea served at tables. Soft chairs will once again be used. Communion will be served from the altar rail.

We would love to see you on-site when you feel safe to visit; and for those that continue to journey with us on-line, we appreciate the opportunity to worship with you.

    Online Worship - Sunday 10am

    Online worship goes live on Sunday at 10am with a YouTube Premiere here: or click the button below
    There is no Zoom morning tea, now that on-site worship has resumed.

    Wednesday services

    There is no 10am Communion or 12 noon Bible study, on Wednesday 20th or 27th April.

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    24th April 2022

    Acts 5:27-32
    Revelation 1:4-8
    John 20:19-31


    Alleluia, God Eternal; death cannot contain your glory, nor our mind confine this mystery. Give us faith’s insight, free us from all fear, and release in us the Risen Christ. Through Jesus Christ our Liberator, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen

    ANZAC Parade Canceled in Browns Bay.

    A Message from East Coast Bays RSA.
    Even though the government announcements made last week resulted in a loosening of restrictions on outdoor gatherings, unfortunately the North Shore Combined RSA’s Dawn and Citizens Parades will not go ahead this year. COVID-19 restrictions have made it impossible to plan the event, which usually starts in January. As we all know, infections are still prevalent in the community so we must take into account the health and safety of our Veterans, and our community.

    Even though there will be no official Parades, it is very important for us to keep the ANZAC spirit alive, and Remember the Service and Sacrifice made by our Veterans and their families. East Coast Bays RSA will be encouraging the laying of Poppies and Wreaths throughout the day at the Cenotaph to Remember our Fallen. Like last year, Poppies will be made available to the public, and the Remembrance Crosses will, again, be placed on the beachfront.

    Welcome return to Mainly Music at St Marys

    I am please to announce that, because we are now at Orange level, we have decided to resume our Mainly Music group at St Marys on Fridays during term time.
    Our group will start Friday 6th May, and is open to all families with preschool children. If you know of a local family please let them know about this group. A $4 donation per family is asked and the music activities start at 9:30am so please arrive slightly before then. For information on attending please contact Carol on 4795289.

    Volunteers Needed.

    We are looking for anyone who is able to volunteer to help with Mainly Music. Volunteers are needed for setting up the space for the session on a Thursday, putting the chairs back afterwards at 11:30am on a Friday or to help run the session between 9am and 11:30am on a Friday.
    If you would like more details please contact Meg on 4738444.

    Seasons for Growth AGM.

    Seasons for Growth programmes are a Ministry of the North Shore/Hibiscus Coast Anglican Parishes. They are having their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday the 11th May at 7.30pm at St Paul’s in Milford. Anyone is welcome to attend.
    Seasons for Growth AGM Flyer 2021
    Seasons for Growth is a grief and loss small group education programme run throughout the Auckland Anglican Diocese. The programme aims to strengthen the wellbeing of children, young adults and adults who are dealing with significant life changes.
    Who can join a group?
    Anyone who is living with the effects of change and loss can join one of our programmes. Many things can cause change: we can lose people we care about through death, relocation or separation; we can move to a new location; we can lose something we love; we can have changes in work-life within our family; and we can also have to process the impact of illness. Change affects everyone differently, as does grief. It’s the impact of the change, not the event itself that Seasons for Growth focus on.
    Volunteer at Seasons for Growth.
    Seasons for Growth North Shore and Hibiscus Coast are looking for volunteer Companions to facilitate school programmes
    To become a Companion, individuals participate in a two-day training program involving theory and practice and then are mentored by an experienced Companion. You would need to be available during school hours (2 hours a week for the 8 week duration of a programme), enjoy working with children, be open, friendly, committed and willing to learn. All training and support are provided
    If you are interested in becoming a Companion or to receive more information please contact Melody Bird, Co-ordinator & Companion Mentor
    For more information email Melody:

    Word for Today and Our Daily Bread

    Both of these can be collected from the Community Shop when paper copies are available.
    Word for Today
    Our Daily Bread

    Community Garden

    Are you interested in being part of the St Mary by the Sea community garden? For more information, see the information on the Welcome Desk, or talk to Dianne Denman, or Nannette Randall at the 10am service. There is an expression of interest form here, and a brochure here. and on our website here:

    Community Shop

    Now open Tuesday - Saturday inclusive 10am to 4pm.

    Thank you to everyone who shops at the Community store, without you all this hard work would be to no avail. Your purchases not only help support St Marys Church but also go to providing financial support via food vouchers to local schools and to those in need in the local community.

    Many thanks also to our band of about 30 volunteers who staff the shop, manage it and generally keep it going. Several of these folk are not actually members of our congregation but give their time and talents, nevertheless. It is great to see items, saved from landfill being used by their new owners while providing our takings. Recently we have found a contact by whom we can send goods to Tonga, especially electrical goods that we not permitted to sell. Our takings for March were about $8,600.

    From Fay.


    Happy birthday to Alison Kivell for the 28th April. Many happy returns to you.
    Happy Wedding Anniversary to Bill and Barbara Stoddard who celebrate their anniversary on the 28th April. Congratulations and many happy returns to you.

    Regular Information

    Worship for April 2022

    Sunday - 8am - worship from NZ Prayer Book
    Sunday - 10am - Intergenerational worship
    Sunday - 10am - Online YouTube worship

    Praying for Others

    Please send names for the Sunday Prayer-List by Sunday evening to Tony Nettleton, 027 278 1450 or Names can be sent at other times as required.



    Vestry would like to encourage you to give to support our ministry. Giving and donations can be made to:
    St Mary by the Sea
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    Please reference your donation with your surname or giving number.


    The EFTPOS machine prints 2 receipts, the first is your copy, the second is printed by selecting MERCHANTS COPY on the screen. This second copy should always be left on the appropriate clip on the notice board. With out the second receipt it is not possible to know what the money was intended for. For Church Giving, you can either keep the first receipt or place it in the DONATION BASKET to go up to the altar for the blessing. Please write your giving number or full name on the second receipt if you want the donation added to your tax receipt. If you do not require your donation added to your tax receipt please write "NO TAX" on the receipt.


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