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Welcome to St Mary by the Sea new for this week. We are in the middle of our teaching series called Unravelled. We hope to see you online, or in person this Sunday.

Jeremiah was a prophet who would bring God's prophetic word to people. And God's call was for the people to build houses and plant gardens. This week we look at God's call to settle, when we are in times of uncertainty.

May God's peace be with you, Dion

Special General Meeting

The postponed Special General Meeting will be held on Sunday 2nd August at 11:15am to formally receive the official 2019 accounts. There is 1 copy of the full accounts report for reference on the credenza and several copies of the abridged report (figures only) available. If you would like your own copy of the report please email the office, I will email out or print on request.


If you are aware of any questions pertaining to the accounts please email them to the office as soon as possible and before the noon on the 30th July so information can be sort. Questions resulting from the SGM may need to be referred back to if additional information is required.

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A.A.W Meeting at St Marys

AAW will be meeting on Wednesday evening 5 August, at 7.30 pm in St Mary's lounge, (the room downstairs at St Mary’s, formerly St Anne’s Crypt). The lounge has a heat pump and a little kitchen with a microwave so will be a very comfortable setting for us. Anyone interested in finding out more about the A.A.W should contact Margaret Rocard 473 9816 .

Mainly Music Returns.

It was great to have Mainly Music back in church this Friday after such a long break. Mainly Music is a great group for all local families with pre-schooler. If you have a pre-schooler in your life please introduce them to this group. There is currently NO wait list. If you would like to know more about Mainly Music or would like to volunteer to help out with his group please call Carol Henry 479 5289.


Sunday 26th July

Encouraging the Israelites in exile to plant gardens and build houses.

BIBLE READING: Jeremiah 29:1-7

Collect / Prayer for the day

God of new joy, nothing can compare to the kingdom of heaven. Help us to pursue your reign with all of our strength, that our happiness will one day be made complete. Through Jesus Christ our Liberator, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen

Sunday 2nd August

The Samaritan Woman at the Well - 2nd August

JOHN 4:1-29

My Whare - Youth Housing

VisionWest is reaching out to churches to be a part of a new and transformational programme to help end youth homelessness. "My Whare" is an innovative programme that utilises the mobile and flexible one bedroom units to house young people on residential properties of supportive adults. The young person is connected to a mentor employed by Visionwest to help set goals and a progress plan, while the host household helps the young person learn to live more independently with social connections, shared meals and a stable environment.

VisionWest would love to have some conversations with interested parties who would like to know more.

My Whare FAQ

1: How old are the young people referred to live in the Whares?
Between the age of 18 and 25?
2: How long is the commitment of having a Whare on your property?
An initial commitment of 12 months
3: How does the relationship between the host and young person work?
We see the role of the Host to treat the young person as a family would treat a boarder. They are living semi independently but joining the family for some meals and using some shared utilities such as the laundry?
4: What kind of financial contribution exists for the household accepting a Whare on their property?
The Host will receive a contribution to water, internet, power and food as well as a rental to the household of a minimum of $100 per week.
5: What is the Host role?
You are not a care giver, and you are not the youth mentor. You are there to help the young person learn the general rhythm of living semi independently. Tasks may involve teaching the young person to cook, connecting them to social networks and including them in family activities.
6: What if it all goes wrong?
The programme is based on a co-designed plan by the Host mentor, young person and Youth Mentor. These agreed terms are the basis of the tenancy on your property. If the terms are breached you have the right to withdraw from the programme.
7: What issues will the youth present with?
The young people will come from hardship and the issues they face will be unique to each young person. We will work with you to match a young person and their needs to your living circumstance.
8: How does the youth mentor play a role?
The youth mentor will be doing the intensive one on one work with the young person to achieve their goals and grow in areas such as education, employment and life-skills. The youth mentor will shoulder the burden of support for the young person in terms of their development. The Hosts will shoulder the responsibility of growing the young persons social connections to things like youth group, church, friends etc.

Like to know more? There is an information evening on Zoom. 'My Whare' Youth Housing Introduction + Q&A , Wednesday 29th July 2020, 7:30pm.

Unraveled Teaching Series

We have started a teaching series called "Unraveled: Seeking God When Our Plans Fall Apart". The last few months have been challenging in many ways and this will be a time to reflect and contemplate on the ways that our lives have been unraveled by circumstances and how God works to both challenge and transform us.

In-person worship - St Mary by the Sea

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Online YouTube Podcast Stream

Teaching Podcast goes live each Sunday 10:02am. Did you miss church? Catch up online and join us for our series.
  1. GENESIS 18:1-15; 21:1-7 || Sarah Laughs
  2. MATTHEW 14:22-33 || Peter Sinks in the Water
  3. 2 SAMUEL 3:7; 21:1-14 || Rizpah Mourns Her Sons
  4. LUKE 19:1-10 || Zacchaeus the Wealthy Tax Collector
  5. EXODUS 5:1-2; 7:8-23 || Pharaoh Hardens His Heart to Moses’ Requests
  6. ACTS 9:1-20 || The Conversion of Saul to Paul
  7. JEREMIAH 29:1-7 || Encouraging the Israelites in Exile to Plant Gardens & Build Houses
  8. JOHN 4:1-29 || The Samaritan Woman at the Well
  9. JOHN 20:19-29 || Thomas
  10. EXODUS 1:22, 2:1-10 || Moses’ Mother Gives Moses Up So He Can Live
  11. JOB 28:12-28 || Job’s Lament and Loss
  12. MARK 5:1-20 || Jesus Heals Legion, a Man Possessed by Demons
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Our on-line Bible Study is on a two week break for the school holidays. The next study is 22 July 2020 - Wednesday @12noon - Meeting ID: 919-265-616

Just Art Competition

Just Art competition closing soon.

We believe art and artists have a God-given prophetic role to play in calling us to Kingdom justice! So we’re calling for submissions from Artists up and down this beautiful land of Aotearoa!
Are you a songwriter, poet, painter, photographer or graphic artist? You could enter? Or who else in YOUR church who could enter? Entries need to be submitted to by midnight July 31.
Terms and Conditions are on or see the FaceBook page at
just-art-competition flyer, linking to their website

Scripture Union Camps

sucamps spring 2020
Join us on an exciting adventure this spring as we ski, snowboard, mountain bike and maybe even get in a little surfing these holidays.
We have 6 camps on offer this spring. On top of that our E3 camps are also open for registration including a brand new North Island E3 camp!
Get in quick as these camps fill up fast. For more info and to register click the button below.

Rest Home Services

Rest home services at Aria Bay Rest Home and Torbay Resthome have resumed. For more information, or to help in this ministry, contact Tony Nettleton, 0272781450 or


If there is a celebration you would like added to our list or a one off event that you would like celebrated please let the office know. Email

Word for Today and Our Daily Bread

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Church Life Survey

Every now and again, the Church Life Survey, releases a study about how Christian's experience faith and life. A survey for their next study is being released Friday 22 May here. and it focuses our experience under lockdown, in particular assessing the effectiveness of online services and other forms of support.

Faith 5

Faith 5 is 5 simple steps to help us nurture our faith. It is simple enough to be done multiple times a week.
1: SHARE your highs and lows
2: READ a Bible story
3: TALK about how the Bible reading might relate to your highs and lows
4: PRAY for one another’s highs and lows
5: BLESS one another
More info here:

Regular Information

Praying for Others

Please send names for the Sunday Prayer-List by Sunday evening to Tony Nettleton, 027 278 1450 or Names can be sent at other times as required.

Roof Appeal

Extensive work to repair the roof has been done, have a look at the photos on the notice board to see why. Please donate to our roof repair fund. St Mary by the Sea, BNZ, Browns Bay Account# 02-0120-0047903-003 Please reference your donation with your surname or giving number and the word ROOF.


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