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this week on Te Pouhere Sunday, we celebrate our churches constitution. A pouhere is a mooring post, and it is the post you would tie your waka up to overnight, so that when you came out in the morning, it hadn’t floated away on the outgoing tide. A pouhere though might be a post, or it might be a tree,
or a big boulder, it is something that stops us drifting away.

Today we look at what grounds our faith, what keeps us in the one place, and what we come back to. Because there are some truths we continue to come back to. And the scripture chosen for us to anchor to, is Matthew's Gospel and the sermon on the mount. This is the scripture that guides us in how we live. What is it that guides you? What do you come back to?

Journeying with you, Dion.

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If you can't make worship this week, you can catch the talk here:
2021-06-06 - Te Pouhere

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    In Celebration Samoan Language Week

    This last week has been Samoan Language so to celebrate this, here is the Lords Prayer in Samoan.
    Lo matou Tamä e, oi le lagi,
    ia paia lou suafa.
    Ia o'o mai lou malo.
    Ia faia lou finagalo, i le lalolagi e pei ona faia i le lagi.
    Ia e foa'i mai ia te'i matou i le aso nei a matou mea'ai e tatau ma le aso.
    Ia e fa'amagalo ia te'i matou ia matou agasala,
    e pei ona matou fo'i ona matou fa'amagaloina atu
    i e ua agaleaga mai ia te'i matou.
    Aua fo'i e te ta'ita'iina i matou i le fa'aosoosoga,
    a ia e lavea'i ia i matou ai le leaga.
    Auä e ou le malo,
    ma le mana, atoa ma le viiga,
    e faavavau lava,

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    Raising Children In a Digital Age- Presentation

    Scripture Union Australia are presenting :- Raising children in an age of devices. Guest speaker, Terry Williams (Scripture Union Australia) will share some basic principles to help children, young people, parents, and grandparents navigate through a digital world in a healthy way.
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    Sunday 6th June

    Theme: Te Pouhere


    Isa 42:10-20
    2 Cor 5:14-19
    Matt 7:24-29


    Loving God, you set our hearts and minds to know and to love. Teach us how to share that love willingly so that the whole world might know your grace, and turn from turmoil to peace. Through Jesus Christ our Liberator, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen

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    Prayer for Persecuted Believers

    I am a local Christian and run a small prayer group using information from Barnabas Fund, Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors and other organisations. We pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in nations where it is illegal for them to practice their faith, or even own a Bible, and also thank God for answered prayer.
    If you have a particular nation or people group on your heart please feel free to come and share, so we can join together in prayer.

    At present, we meet every second Monday of the month at Northcross Church, and start with refreshments at 7pm before we pray.

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