Lent day 30


Theme: Bread


John 6:41-51

The people started grumbling because Jesus had said he was the bread that had come down from heaven. They were asking each other, “Isn’t he Jesus, the son of Joseph? Don’t we know his father and mother? How can he say that he has come down from heaven?”

Jesus told them:

Stop grumbling! No one can come to me, unless the Father who sent me makes them want to come. But if they do come, I will raise them to life on the last day. One of the prophets wrote, “God will teach all of them.” And so everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him will come to me.

The only one who has seen the Father is the one who has come from him. No one else has ever seen the Father. I tell you for certain that everyone who has faith in me has eternal life.

I am the bread that gives life! Your ancestors ate manna in the desert, and later they died. But the bread from heaven has come down, so that no one who eats it will ever die. I am that bread from heaven! Everyone who eats it will live forever. My flesh is the life-giving bread that I give to the people of this world.

Reflection prompts

  • What are the most meaningful meals you have had?
  • What made them holy?


Bread of life, this Lenten season, I want to practice seeing you at every table every place where food is shared, hands are held, and laughter is exchanged; every quiet table where I eat alone. I want to see you in all of it—the holiness and the ordinary. Open my eyes to you in my midst. Amen. —Prayer by Rev. Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC |

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